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MatchRate PLUS is headquartered in Naples FL and an authorized partner of North American Bancard, a tier-one provider servicing over 125,000 businesses and processing 12+ billion in annual payment transactions.

Offer to Merchants:

MatchRate PLUS offers a unique and rewarding program for businesses that have or need a Merchant account. With MatchRate PLUS, in addition to other benefits, the Merchant receives a monthly rebate equal to 25% of the commission generated to MatchRate PLUS by their Merchant account.

Referral Agent Program Details:

As a Referral Agent you have the opportunity to market this patent-pending program to merchants. It's 100% free to become a MatchRate PLUS Referral Agent and takes just minutes to register online. As a Referral Agent, you will simply submit merchant account leads that are interested in a MatchRate PLUS merchant account.

Once a lead is submitted MatchRate PLUS takes care of the rest. Our partner, North American Bancard, will contact your lead, answer all questions and handle the entire merchant account boarding and terminal/POS setup process. All leads submitted that become an "activated" merchant account will earn you a $50.00 acquisition bonus plus a monthly residual commission of 5% to 17.5% for the life of the account.

Whether you are interested in securing a merchant account and enjoying the many benefits of our program including our free equipment and rebate rewards or whether you are interested in becoming a Referral Agent on a part-time or full-time basis, Black Box Corporation exclusively offers Merchants and Referral Agents supplemental rewards.

For more information, please visit the company website via the company website links embedded on this web page or forward an email message to MatchRatePLUS@USA.com; or contact David B. Earl at (480) 788-8095.


David B. Earl
Black Box Corporation, a MatchRate PLUS Independent Affiliate

Office: (480) 788-8095

eMail: MatchRatePLUS@USA.com


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